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Scientific One Day Conference on “Hellenistic Palaces”

The Ephorate of Antiquities of Pella organised a scientific one day conference on “Hellenistic Palaces”, which was held online on November 25, 2021 at 11.00, in the framework of the NSRF project 2014-2020 Programme“Restoration, conservation and enhancement of Building I and monumental entrance of the palace of ancient Pella – Construction of a new entrance at the eastern side of the hill of the palace and visitors’ itinerary”, which was completed in March 2021. The video is available on YouTube and facebook


11.00-11.10: El.Tsigarida, Welcome speech
11.10-11.30: An.Batziou, The palace of Demetrias: location, organisation and role
11.30-11.50: M. Kopsacheili, Basileia and phrouria in the Seleucid Empire: untangling the ‘palace network’
11.50-12.10: P. Chrysostomou, “Pellae, in vetere regia Macedonum, hoc consilium erat” (Plinius XLII 51.1-2, 181 BC)
12.10-12.30: M. Lilimpaki-Akamati – I.M. Akamatis, Public Building Complexes in Pella
12.30-12.50: El. Tsigarida- Al. Skitsa- St. Oikonomou, Palace of ancient Pella: New Archaeological Evidence and Interpretive Aspects of the Monumental Entrance and Building I
12.50-13.10: R. Yoshitake, Recent results of the architectural survey of the palace at Pella, Βuilding I (2018-2021)
13.10-13.30: Ev. Chrysostomou – P. Balafa, Restoration and conservation of the Building I and of the Monumental Entrance of Ancient Pella Palace
13.30-13.50: L. Nevett, Towards a Re-examination of the Relationship between Palatial and Residential Buildings in the Late Classical and Hellenistic Greek World
13.50-14.30: Discussion




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