The Palaistra or Building V is located in the NE part of the palace of ancient Pella. It is 75 m long, 65 m wide of a total area of 4875 m2. It has a large courtyard that was surrounded by a peristyle, which may have been wooden.

In the north-east corner of the Palaistra there is a large swimming pool, the “Kolymvithra” (7.5 m long, 5 m wide and 37.5 m area), which is connected to it and to building IV , the royal apartments.

In the northern part of the Palaistra there is a series of rooms (Konistrion, Korykeion, Efibeion, Bath, Epistasia, Mosaic Hall) that served needs of exercise and preparation of those who used the palaistra, namely the members of the royal family, the officials who resided in the palace and the royal pages. These rooms had various functions: bathrooms, playrooms, changing rooms, classrooms and storage of sports equipment.

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