In 2017, the project titled “Restoration, conservation and enhancement of Building I and monumental entrance of the palace of ancient Pella – Construction of a new entrance at the eastern side of the hill of the palace and visitors’ itinerary” was approved for funding by the NSRF 2014-2020 Program. The main objectives of the project are: the restoration and protection of the archaeological remains, the organisation of access to the site, the establishment of adequate conditions for smooth and unimpeded movement of any group of visitors around the site, the production of comprehensible information panels and the creation of the adequate visitor infrastructure.

To this end, the project put together studies for the conservation and public presentation of both buildings, the monumental Entrance (Propylon) and Building I, aiming for the best possible protection of and attentiveness to the original construction material and highlighting the specific characteristics of the site and its buildings, like their extraordinary size, their internal structure, the use of consecutive terraces and the invocation of a certain theatricality, a trait which bacame dominant in Hellenistic architecture.

The criteria for the choice of the materials and the procedures employed in the conservation of the buildings followed the generally accepted conservation principles and policies. The project built on previous conservation studies and conservation reports that have been produced for the wider archaeological site of Pella, paying particular attention to the issue of compatibility between the old and the new material and the reversibility of any intervention.

The main objective of the enhancement project for the Monumental Entrance and Building I was to protect the antiquities and make this part of the complex intelligible to visitors, transforming it thus from an excavated area to an archaeological site. 

The proposal of the Ephorate was based on the available data for the two buildings and followed five basic principles:

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