The Palace - The buildings of the palace complex

The access to the palace was possible via the city. The entrance to the palace was from the south, from the city. An uphill road led from the city to the monumental entrance (the propylon) which was flanked on either side, eastern and western, by two stoai (porticos) with Doric columns. They were located on the lowest terrace and constituted a front 160 m. long. Buildings I and II were erected behind the propylon and stoai on a higher terrace; these were the centre of political and social life of the kingdom. The propylon and the two buildings were built immediately after the middle of the 4th century BC (350 – 330 BC) during the reign of Philip II. 

Building IV was located on a higher terrace north from Building I and was the royal residence. Building IV is located to the west of IV and north from Building II, on another terrace. It was the palaistra of the palace and consists of a big central courtyard 4.500 squ. m. with a peristyle and stoai. The northern stoa was equipped with rooms used for sports, training and recreation of the royal family, the pages and the officers that lived in the palace. A swimming pool is found at its northeastern part and a covered corridor (xystos) west from it. 

Finally, buildings VI and III to the west and southwest of the Palaistra, were equipped with living rooms, baths, rooms for the preparation and storage of the food, workshops and stables.

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