Palaistra - Restoration Proposal

The proposal for the restoration of the building aims to preserve its material substance while adhering to international monument restoration principles. The key principles of the proposal are based on maintaining the authenticity of the monument, ensuring reversibility of interventions, preserving legibility of new interventions, and using compatible materials.

While the remnants of the building were partially temporarily covered, the masonry and individual structural elements present issues, partly due to the nature of the local limestone used in its construction.

To conserve the structural stones and architectural members, a mechanical cleaning of the stone surfaces was chosen. This involved securing cracks, sealing, bonding, filling, surface reinforcement, and combating biological factors.

To restore the masonry walls, methods such as repositioning, replacement, additions, and reconstruction of stones were used. Artificial stone blocks with a composition similar to that used in all other monuments of Pella were used for reconstructions and additions
For the restoration of the mortar masonry, the mosaic of the Mosaic Hall, the marble fixture of the so-called Loutron (bath) and the floor with the hydraulic mortar of the Swimming Pool (Kolymvithra), a supplementary study was conducted following an investigation on their composition and construction techniques.

To restore the remaining floors that are anchored to natural rock or the ground, a decision was made to construct them with a surface layer of aggregate material.

Sheets of lead were placed between the ancient material and modern additions.

To mark the walls of the peristyle of the porticoes on the south, east and west sides, vertical metal boxes filled with aggregate were used (the same technique and method of marking walls that were not preserved were followed in the restoration and preservation work of Building I and the monumental propylon).

It was also decided to maintain and enhance the wells of the southern portico and the drainage systems in the northwest of the swimming pool, as well as to preserve the pedestals of the courtyard.

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