THE PALACE ENHANCEMENT PROJECT - The Monumental Entrance (Propylon)

A monumental entrance (Propylon) to the palace is placed on its southern side, roughly in the middle of a large continuous front, 160 m long, facing south. The entrance led to buildings I and II,  that were founded on a higher terrace. The whole southern front of the palace consists of a central part flanked by a portico with Doric columns on either side. Fallen architectural material of Ionic order uncovered in the area in front of the entrance indicates the presence of a second floor.

The central part was tripartite. A colonnade with four columns in the Doric order projected to the south in front of the door. The preservation of the Propylon is very fragmentary. A small portion of the western wall, which was built in ashlar masonry, still survives. A recessed band, known as peritainia band, is visible on many blocks. The remains of the eastern wall are even more fragmentary. The first room of the Propylon, 10 m long, gives access to the porticoes on either side. In the second room, 6 m long, a staircase led to the third room, which was founded on a higher terrace. This final room provided access to Buildings I and II, which were at the same level. It was wider than the first two rooms, as a result of subsequent modifications.

The colonnades of the two porticoes that flank the central part rest on a podium. The eastern colonnade consists of 17 columns in Doric style. A series of rooms lies behind the colonnade. Only small parts of their foundations have been uncovered during the recent conservation project.

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